Estimates suggest that close to one-third of Americans have debt in collections.

Even a single entry from a collections agency can do damage to your credit score for several years.

If PMAB LLC has contacted you, you’re probably eager to get them off of your credit report and stop their incessant calls.

The good news? Getting rid of PMAB LLC and improving your credit score is simple, and it might not cost you a cent.

Read on for a quick guide to dealing with the collections agency and getting it deleted from your report.


Before you can deal with PMAB LLC, it’s important to understand what the company is and how it operates.

PMAB LLC is a legitimate debt collections agency founded in 2003. Its operations are currently headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

PMAB LLC may show up under a handful of other names on your credit report, including:

  • Pmab
  • Pmab charlotte nc
  • Pmab llc charlotte
  • Pmab llc charlotte nc
  • Pmab services
  • Pmab srvc

The company is the collections division of Med A/Rx, specializing in accounts receivable management and collections in the healthcare industry.

How Does PMAB LLC Services Work?

When your bills go unpaid for a few months, they may be turned over to a debt collections agency like PMAB LLC.

Debt collectors either purchase debts at a discount from lenders and service providers, or they work for the company to collect the debt, earning a percentage of the payment.

In both scenarios, the company can call and mail you notices about your account until you make a payment. In some states, they may try to garnish your wages.

Even worse, a collections entry will be added to your credit report, negatively impacting your payment history.

This can result in a fairly significant drop in your credit score, and the entry will stay on your report for seven years, even after the account is settled.

However, you can get a collections account removed from your report a few other ways, which we’ll walk through below.

3 Ways to Remove PMAB LLC

Now that you know the basics about PMAB and your rights as a consumer, let’s talk strategy.

Using one of the three approaches below, you could be collections-free by next month.

  1. Dispute the Debt
  2. Negotiate a partial payment
  3. Employ a credit repair company

1. Dispute the Debt

One of the quickest ways to get a collections account off your report is to ask for proof.

Thanks to the FDCPA, debt collectors have to provide you with validation of your debts if you request it in a timely manner.

Once you’ve been contacted by the agency, you’ve got 30 days to submit a debt validation letter demanding documentation of the debt.

If you’ve been targeted by debt collectors over a debt that doesn’t exist, this one is a no-brainer.

In many cases, third-party debt collectors don’t actually have the records needed to back up their claim, so this approach is worth your while even if you really do owe money on a past-due medical bill.

When a debt collector is unable to validate your debt, they will be removed from your credit report, and you can expect their phone calls and letters to stop.

If you’ve just heard from PMAB LLC in the last few weeks, don’t delay sending them a letter. It could solve all of your collections problems, free of charge.

2. Negotiate a Partial Payment

If you’ve missed out on option number one because too much time has elapsed, no worries.

The next best option for getting a debt collector removed from your report is to negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement.

A lot of people are under the misconception that paying a collections agency what you owe them is the best strategy, but that won’t actually help your score.

The collections entry will stay on your report for 7 years, regardless. Instead, you must get the collections agency to agree to have the entry removed if you make a payment.

Once again, you should send a letter, getting confirmation of your agreement from PMAB LLC in writing.

Even better, you may be able to get the agency to accept a negotiated payment that only amounts to a fraction of what you actually owe.

Once you submit your payment, the collections entry should be removed from your credit report within a month.

If it hasn’t been, check in with PMAB LLC to ensure that they follow through.

Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report

3. Employ a Credit Repair Company

If dealing with PMAB LLC is too much to bear, you may want to seek help from credit repair professionals.

These services are especially beneficial if your credit is in shambles, but they can also be of assistance if you simply don’t want to contact a debt collector yourself.

They’ll handle debt validation and inaccurate reporting, and they’ll negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement for you.

They can also advise you on your other credit issues, helping you with bankruptcy, tax liens, and charge-offs.

Their services can be well worth the cost, raising your credit score quickly.

If you want professional help, take a few moments to compare some of the best credit repair companies and pick the best fit.

Missed medical payments can really damage your credit when they reach collections, but getting them removed from your report is easy, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a pro.

Dealing With PMAB LLC

PMAB LLC is a BBB-accredited company that vows on its website to treat clients with the utmost respect, adhering to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

This act restricts debt collectors from overstepping and harassing debtors.

You should read up on the basics of this act before communicating with PMAB LLC to keep the collections agency in line.

While its list of complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is shorter than others, PMAB has been the subject of some bad reviews.

Consumers cite issues with the agency’s aggressive communication, reporting, and inability to validate debt.

With all of the above in mind, you should always communicate with PMAB LLC or any other debt collectors by mail rather than over the phone.

Corresponding by letter holds both you and the debt collectors accountable and ensures everything is well documented in case any issues arise with your case.