Is Global Crossing Local Services stressing you out with repeated phone calls and letters?

We can help. When you forget to pay a bill for a doctor’s visit, a data plan, or anything in between, it can hurt your credit score and lead to some irritating phone calls.

While ignoring Global Crossing won’t help matters, simply paying the collections agency what you owe isn’t the wisest course of action, either.

Instead, you should give one of the strategies below a try. Getting a collection account removed from your credit report could be as simple as asking.

Read on to learn how Global Crossing Local Services works and what you can do to get them removed from your report, ASAP.

What Is Global Crossing Local Services?

If Global Crossing has appeared on your credit report, you might be questioning its legitimacy.

While the name is unfamiliar and the company’s aggressive communication tactics may have you wondering if it’s a scam, Global Crossing Local Services, Inc., is a legit debt collection agency.

Founded in 1997, its main offices are in Olympia, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Unlike more recognizable names on your credit report like your credit card lender or student loan servicer, Global Crossing is a debt collection agency.

How Does Global Crossing Local Services Work?

Whenever a payment falls through the cracks, it may be turned over to a debt collection agency.

These agencies buy debt from lenders and service providers, usually for pennies on the dollar. Once they own the debt, it can appear on your credit report as a collections entry.

When that happens, they may call, write, and leave you messages until a payment is made or an agreement is reached.

Since payment history is the largest contributing factor to your credit score, a collections entry can seriously drop your credit score.

Not only does a collections entry hurt your score in the present, but it can continue to do damage in the future, staying on your report for seven years.

Luckily, you can get a collections account removed from your report with one of the easy steps below.

3 Ways to Remove Global Crossing Local Services

If you’re ready to put an end to your communication with Global Crossing Local Services and get the collections account deleted from your credit report, here are a few surefire strategies.

  1. Send the agency a debt validation letter
  2. Negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement
  3. Use a credit repair service

1. Send the Agency a Debt Validation Letter

Debt collectors are required to provide validation of any debts they’re attempting to collect.

You just have to ask for it, writing the agency a debt validation letter.

Debt collectors don’t always have the documentation needed to back up their claims.

If the agency fails to validate the debt, they must update the credit bureaus, getting the entry deleted from your account.

They’ll also stop calling and writing to you.

This is the best strategy for getting a collections account removed, whether you actually owe the agency money or you’ve been contacted as the result of inaccurate reporting.

The key to debt validation is acting quickly. You have 30 days to dispute a claim once Global Crossing contacts you.

With this strategy, you could be collections-free without spending a penny.

2. Negotiate a Pay-for-delete Agreement

If debt validation fails, your next best bet is to arrange a pay-for-delete agreement.

When you simply agree to pay your debt over the phone or online, the collections account is not automatically deleted from your credit report.

Instead, you must get the agency to agree to have the account deleted if you make a payment.

When you arrange a pay-for-delete, you can also negotiate to pay a lower amount than what you owe to settle your account.

You may be able to get Global Crossing to accept a payment of 25-50% of the amount you owe.

Once payment has been made, you should see the entry removed from your credit report within a few weeks.

If the entry still hasn’t been deleted after 30 days, you should reach out to Global Crossing to ensure they update the 3 credit bureaus.

3. Use a Credit Repair Service

Some situations call for help from an expert. If your credit repair situation is a complex one involving collections, liens, bankruptcy, and other issues, a credit repair service is well worth the cost.

Even if your credit situation is more straightforward, a credit repair company can take the stress out of dealing with debt collectors.

They can dispute claims, keep debt collectors from contacting you out of turn, and negotiate to have collections accounts removed from your report.

A company like Credit Saint can be just what you need to get your credit score where it should be.

Take a look at your credit report, weigh your options, and get started repairing your credit as soon as you can. Your future self will thank you.

Dealing with Global Crossing Local Services

Debt collections agencies are notorious for harassing debtors with frequent phone calls. Other common complaints are about the agencies’ failure to validate debts and their faulty reporting.

Unlike some debt collectors, Global Crossing Local Services has very few consumer complaints online.

Regardless, you should know that you are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

This act ensures that debt collectors do not contact you at unreasonable hours, threaten you, or reach out to other people about your debt.

It also gives you the right to stop debt collectors’ phone calls, instead communicating via letters.

Corresponding by mail is always best as it provides you with documentation of all of your interactions.