Are you getting calls or letters from Comcast collections?

This could be the case if you’ve been late on a payment or an old Comcast bill has gone into collections. They also might be contacting you if one of your Comcast bills has been what’s known as “charged off“.

If you’re in this boat, keeping reading and I’ll tell you how to deal with Comcast, not only to get them to stop calling you, but to almost remove the negative entry from your credit report, regardless of whether it’s a late payment, collection, or charge off.

Use the following steps to get started.

Steps To Remove Comcast Collections From Your Credit Report

Establish Snail Mail Communication

comcast collectionsThe process begins with a simple request for written communication.

If Comcast collections have called you, call them back and tell its representative that you understand your consumer rights, as outlined in the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Then, let the representative know that you wish to communicate solely in writing from this point on. The company will have to adhere to your request. It’s the law.

As you can see, the process of stopping calls to your home and/or workplace won’t be difficult. It’s just that most people are unaware of their rights as consumers.

Collection agencies know this, so some of them keep calling until they are told not to.

After you do, this, you’ll be ready for another initiative that helps you to remove the Comcast collections entry from your credit report. The next step is drafting a letter known as a Debt Validation Letter.

Write a Debt Validation Letter

A debt validation letter is basically a letter that requests that Comcast show proof that the debt is indeed yours before they attempt to collect on it. If they can’t prove the debt is yours, they’ll need to stop all communications with you and remove its entry from your credit report.

When it comes to sending in this type of letter via snail mail, quick action is recommended. It should be sent out within thirty days of your initial communication with Comcast.

If you don’t send it on time, you may lose your protection under the law, which allows you to ask for debt validation within 30 days of their initial contact with you.

After you send the letter, Comcast should respond with information about your debt within 30 days. Once you receive their response, you’ll need to review the information and see if it’s correct.

Look for any type of error that you can find. For example, a typo is an error. Also, a balanced amount which is incorrect is an error. A date might also be wrong.

Scour the information, looking for problems. As well, make a note of any information that might be missing. Errors and omissions are often the catalysts for removals of entries from credit reports!

If you find problems, write a letter to Comcast detailing the errors and/or omissions. Then, ask for the errors to be fixed. If information is missing, demand that the credit entry be removed as soon as possible.

Is the Debt Rightfully Yours, Negotiate a Payoff

If Comcast proved your debt, and getting your credit reports and checking them didn’t unearth any new problems which would give you cause to dispute the entry, you’re going to have to try something else.

The smartest method is to negotiate directly with Comcast collections. For example, offer them one half of what you owe, in exchange for them removing the credit entry from your credit report.

You may need to haggle a bit and this is why calling them is recommended in this particular instance. It’s simpler to negotiate over the telephone.

If the representative agrees to your deal, ask for a letter that details the repayment amount and terms (removal of the entry from your credit report upon receipt of payment).

Don’t pay until you get the letter. After you receive it, write a check and mail it out to them. Check back after thirty days (by letter) to see if your entry was removed.

Get a Professional to Handle Comcast

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